Monday, August 13, 2012

A friend of mine has a site devoted to her kick ass cosplay called "One Black Catsuit."
As you can probably guess from the name, she can get a lot of mileage out of one black catsuit.
Half the of Marvel's female community sports 'em.
Which kinda irks me honestly.  (Disregarding that your costumes are awesome, Jackie)

Given the conditions these costumes are worn, who is wearing them, and what needs they fulfill, I kinda feel like there should be more variety in their presentation.

So I wanted to do a few sketches of what these costumes might look like if injected with a little more realism.
Later it dawned on me that their body types should also probably be indicative of their respective athleticism and specialized skill sets.

Then the Olympics happened. 
And I had a wealth of reference.
So here you go:

Black Cat © Marvel
Artwork by Me

She may be a professional thief, but I think she shops at the same clothing stores as everyone else.
So my guess is that Black Cat's get up could easily be found at your local sporting goods store, in the yoga department.

She's also a gymnast.
That's a gimme

 Black Widow © Marvel
Artwork by Me

I'm not gonna lie.  I made a lot of this up.
I don't know what spies wear.

I looked.  
But the closest I came to any kind of subversive warfare was the SEALs and that's still a bit more confrontational then I think Natasha is suited for.  
Not that she can't take it, just that she shines in indirect conflict.

I think in her case she would legitimately have a catsuit.  
But with pads and boots and a side holster.

I wanted to pull from a swimmer's body type for her at first, but the reference wasn't there, and those girls have some serious upper body strength.  Whereas I think of of Natasha as a little more diminutive proportionally.

So I went with Track and Field.  High Jump.

"Running, jumping, climbing up trees, putting on makeup while you're up there."
Seemed appropriate.

Domino © Marvel
Artwork by Me

I don't know much about Domino.
About all I know is that I always see her with a gun.  She seems to have a niche in 'bad-assery.'  And though I think her mutation lies somewhere in the realms of probability and super intellect, I'm pretty sure that at this point her mutation is secondary to her skill set as a fighter.

Track and Field again.  Long Jump.

As for clothing...
I know that this is departure from her usual routine, but like I said, I always see her with a gun and she can kick major ass.  So I've pegged her as a sniper and a merc.

So that's it.
I've had my rant.
I may delete the words tomorrow.


Lady Garland said...

Awesome!!! I love the furry hoodie! XD

Jackie said...

NO don't delete the comments!! This is amazing Meredith!! (Thanks for the mention btw ;)
I absolutely love that you did this during the Olympics, every time I watch an extreme sporting event I always think "This is what real superheroes would look like." I loooove these and may have to make some of them ;)
Ok I'm done gushing...

Aria Belle said...

I agree with Jackie! Love Love Love Meredith!!!
Jackie, you thinking what I am thinking???

1979 semi-finalist said...

OMG. Can you please draw all the superheroes EVER?!?

You mind if I put this up on There's The Door Spaceman and link back to you of course?


IniquitousFish said...

@1979 semi-finalist
I'm sorry I didn't see your comment sooner!