Sunday, May 22, 2011

"Two Teeth"

I painted something!
I am quite proud of myself.

I did this for a contest over at Sketchoholic, but due to my inability to read international time zones, I missed the closing time.
Much disappointment.

But hey, he turned out pretty well.

"I Am Going to Be Dangerous"
Graphite. Photoshop

Something sorta graphicy.
...I don't know why I draw half the stuff I do.

Which leads me to this.
This was one of those projects, that I jumped into half thinking I've seen the basic concept before.
But am completely unable to figure out where from.
It drives me INSANE.

Especially given that, I'd really like to not step on someone's toes creatively.

And this happens to me all the time.

Not the stepping on toes.

But the suspicion that I'm simply recalling something I'd seen before and can't remember.
All the time.

There was a happy ending this time around, tho'.
An hour after I finished this I was flipping through my favorite music videos on the youtube and landed on She Wants Revenge.
And in a flash of long archived memory retrieval, I remembered the cover art of their Save Your Soul Single.

Which is where this comes from.


I don't have complete early onset Alzheimer's!
Kudos to that!


Roadboy said...

I love two teeth! What a cutie!

Steve said...

Definitely gonna have to check out Sketchoholic.

IniquitousFish said...

It's super awesome!